Audience participation, It doesn’t have to be an all or nothing proposition.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Most websites today fail to encourage audience* participation. Instead, they tend to focus exclusively on selling products (e-commerce) or driving page views (publishing). The approach of these sites is 99% transactional — get the user to the checkout page as fast a possible, have the user stay on their site longer, get them to click on more pages or come back more often, etc. The entire user experience is geared toward driving these behaviors. But is taking such a direct approach really the best path to conversions, or might there be a better way?

On the other end of the spectrum, social apps and websites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and LinkedIn have user participation down to a science. Their members voluntarily interact and produce content  at very high levels compared to non-social websites. Social users stay longer, come back more often, and generate lots of content, which in turn influences other members’ behavior.

So why is there such a sharp disconnect between sites that invite user participation and those that don’t? Is it possible that e-commerce and publishing sites could do a better job of using audience participation to their advantage?

At Antenna, we believe that the answer is absolutely, 100% yes.

Antenna was created to help businesses engage with their audiences, increasing participation, capturing valuable feedback, and driving higher conversions (purchases and page views).

Antenna collects and broadcasts true audience sentiment so that users can easily decide which products, articles or content they like best, least, or in between. As mentioned above, shared social feedback influences fellow user behavior more effectively  than a brand, a headline, or a sale price ever could.

Antenna changes how people interact with products and content on the web. Designed for a mobile-first world, Antenna allows for effortless feedback on any text, video, image, or product. With Antenna, you can get answers to questions that are important to your business. Ask about products, brand affinity, your competitors, customer satisfaction, demographics, or just solicit reactions to any piece of content on your site.

Example of a user highlighting text and reacting. Users can also click the Antenna icon to react to whole articles or paragraphs.

Example of a user viewing or reacting to an image or product.

Example of asking a group of questions on a specific product. Notice we dynamically added the product name into the question.

As seen on an iPhone 7

Just like on the social web,  Antenna gets your audience’s attention and participation, influencing peer purchase behavior and building loyalty.

The concept is simple. Invite your audience to participate in an easy, authentic way, and they will. Audience participation leads to a better user experience, increased return visits, more pages views, and higher conversions.

Let me know if you would like to test drive Antenna today.

*Audience = your visitors, customers, members, subscribers, users, employees etc.

Antenna is a metaphor for receiving and broadcasting the voice of your customer.

Structured feedback on everything.


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