What is Antenna?

Monday, February 18, 2019

Antenna was created to help businesses engage with their audiences on the web and mobile more easily and profitably.

Today’s most commonly used feedback tools — ratings and reviews, surveys, chatbots, and polls — have not evolved sufficiently with the marketplace, which demands shorter interactions, more authentic conversations, a mobile-friendly experience, and something of value in return for participation. Response rates are extremely low, are often disruptive, and in many cases, only take place after the moment of purchase or interaction.

Antenna addresses each of these issues head-on, effortlessly capturing valuable feedback data and driving higher conversions (purchases and page views) for e-commerce and publishing sites. Antenna collects and displays true audience sentiment so that users can easily decide which products, articles or content they like best, least, or in between.

So what is Antenna, exactly? Is it a rating and reviews tool?  A survey or polling tool? Could it be a customer feedback tool? A  customer satisfaction tool? Actually,  it’s all of the above.

With Antenna, you can seamlessly ask relevant questions on your website about products, text, or content. What do you like best about this shoe? What’s most important to you when buying a shoe?

Users click the response that best represents how they feel in just a click or two taps on a mobile device. No logins, no lengthy forms to complete. Responses are visually summarized and shared with your audience to help influence further behaviors and build loyalty.

So that’s Antenna. We are solving the problem of low or decreasing audience engagement with current tools in the marketplace. Antenna is a great alternative or companion product to rating and reviews, survey popups, polls, and other related feedback tools.

Example of a user highlighting text and reacting. Users can click the Antenna icon to react to whole articles or paragraph snippets.

Example of a user viewing or reacting to an image or product. The user hovers over the Antenna icon and the reaction popup appears. You could use this to ask about products, brand affinity, your competitors, customer satisfaction, demographics, or just to solicit reactions to any piece of content on your site.

Example of asking a group of questions on a specific product. You can create a dedicated content section for these questions, or embed the question(s) next to the product. Notice we dynamically added the product name into the questions below.

Best of all, Antenna is ridiculously easy to implement on any website, and is extremely mobile friendly. With one-click or touch users can answer questions or react to images, products and text.

As seen on an iPhone 7

Because we don’t ask users to login, provide personal information, or type out written responses, we generate very high interaction rates (views and reactions) across our platform.

Antenna can be used pre or post-purchase, where ever you would like to ask a question or solicit a response — not just after a transaction, on a product detail page, or at the end of a content piece.

Engaging users in this relevant and timely manner is another reason for high participation. We don’t believe in distracting the user with annoying pop ups or sliding tabs while they’re shopping or reading. We believe that subtly inviting the user to participate is a better way to engage with any audience.

The data that is collected can be used to for product improvements, creating personalized content filters for products and content, targeting on social and advertising platforms, and appending profile demographics.

The concept is simple. Allow your audience to lend their voice to your site in an easy, authentic way, and they will. Audience participation leads to a better user experience, increased return visits, more pages views, and higher conversions.

Let me know if you would like to test drive Antenna today.

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