Why micro reviews are better

Friday, May 24, 2019

For the better part of the past fifteen years, customer ratings and reviews have been an industry standard feature of every major e-commerce site on the web. But in more recent times, the average user’s experience with ratings and reviews technology has become strained, and as a result, businesses are seeing diminished returns from these fairly expensive tools.

First, let’s examine the issues facing today’s e-commerce retailers using the current set of ratings, reviews and feedback solutions.

  1. No reviews for new products. New arrivals have significant lag time before first reviews come in.
  2. Reviews don’t keep pace with constant inventory turnover. Products come and go before peer reviews can influence purchase behavior.
  3. Struggle to get reviews. Reviews take time, effort, and money to get from users — and   more ongoing effort to keep them current.
  4. Not mobile-friendly. Users don’t write text-heavy reviews on their mobile devices, and viewing other people’s reviews requires endless scrolling.

Lurking behind these known issues is an even greater psychological factor: the onus is on the user to do too much heavy lifting, with no benefit in sight. Users must log in, type out a response, submit, authenticate their email address, etc. Needless to say, completing a simple review is a real pain for the user.

And what’s in it for them? Usually, nothing. These flaws are leading to very low response rates of less than 1% across the industry.

What are micro reviews?

(try it yourself, highlight text or hover over the Antenna logo at the end of paragraphs and click a response)

Micro reviews are ratings and reviews for the mobile generation. Or put another way, micro reviews are to traditional ratings and reviews what Twitter is to blogging.

Micro reviews are short descriptive user reactions that capture true audience sentiment — at the consideration stage and not just post-purchase — to help influence purchase behavior. With a single-click or tap, users can choose a predefined reaction that best describes how they feel, or submit their own custom expression. Users can react and view micro reviews on products, images, text, or other content, seamlessly and effortlessly.

Why micro reviews and feedback are better

  • User friendly.- One-click participation, no typing, no sign-in, no hassle
  • Seamless. Embedded directly into the shopping experience
  • Audience-wide. Participation from everyone at the consideration stage
  • Social. Just like other two-way, shared interactions
  • Mobile-optimized. Tap-friendly format and functionality
  • Summarizes true sentiment. No guessing or math required to understand responses

What about results?

Antenna is the first micro reviews technology in the marketplace, designed to drive higher user interaction. Between 10% - 80% of site visitors interact with Antenna in some way, improving key metrics across the board.

  • Conversions: +32%
  • Returning visitors: +29%
  • Page views: +36%

If you’re looking for an alternative or supplement to your traditional ratings & reviews tools, then Antenna could be the right solution for you. Let us know if you would like to see a demo or start a trial today.

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