Antenna's revolutionary, mobile-first content engagement tool empowers readers to respond to any passage, video, or image you publish.

Gain insight, build loyalty, increase KPIs. Installs on your site in minutes.

Up to 20%

Lift in return visits

Used 50x more than comments

Our partners report far more usage of Antenna vs. comments

2x visits from paid & social traffic

Our partners report more value from traffic when Antenna is installed

Real feedback. Mobile-first.

Frictionless, expressive, on-point.

Mobile-first community feedback on your content helps readers connect to you and the rest of your audience. Sort of like comments, but without the mess.

Just one tap on a phone, touchpad or a mouse, and readers can share expressive feedback on the specific content that gets their attention -- any phrase, video, or image you post.

Moderation free community engagement

Custom reactions are rare and safe.

Antenna requires no moderation.

Your editorial team sets the default reactions, reinforcing your brand & commmunity values. Custom responses never appear unless you approve them.

Inline responses from real, actual readers

What's your most engaging content? Antenna empowers your readers to tell you (and the world).

"We've found effectively no correlation between social shares and people actually reading.” -- ChartBeat

Unlike social shares, Antenna reactions are almost always coming from people reading your content because the reactions are to specific pieces of your articles. This is a better signal for recommendations, and provides more valuable insights to your team.

Content recommendation, created by reader feedback

Let your readers curate, organically.

Embed feeds on your site, such as "Content tagged Interesting or Hilariousbased on organic reader responses to your articles, videos, and images.


Readers who engage Antenna return to your site 2.2x more often than others.
(On average, 10-16% of readers engage Antenna.)
"Antenna offered us a way to provide readers a quick and easy form of feedback and connection to our content. Even after adding comments, we found Antenna was still being used by readers eager to express a reaction to a particular passage. We're finding that Antenna works symbiotically with our comments platform now with very high engagement rates. It's been a useful addition for readers and staff who can see how our content is faring with readers."
Daily Maverick
"Real community engagement with near-zero moderation."
The DYrt
InsideHook initially implemented Antenna on a subset of our pages, but we quickly expanded to a much wider implementation because the numbers spoke for themselves.  We saw that visitors that interacted with Antenna were more engaged with our content and returned more often to  The team loves the weekly analytics report which provides insights into content that is drawing reactions and are great candidates for social amplification. Antenna gives InsideHook an invaluable window into the feelings of our visitors.


Antenna displays questions or asks for feedback on text/images, on web pages chosen by you. You have the power to configure pre-populated answers, and your audience can suggest their own responses. You can configure which matching site tags, specific URLs, or URL parameters should display your Antenna feedback widget — or you can implement it across your entire website. Set it once and forget it, and start engaging with your audience in real-time.

If you plan to solicit the same feedback item across multiple web pages, you have control over whether to limit the results to each individual feedback instance, or to share the response data across all instances of that particular question.

Antenna lets you ask questions that are important to your business. Ask about products, brand affinity, competition, customer satisfaction, demographics, etc. (Highlight text above to provide custom feedback)

Structured feedback on everything.