Keep readers coming back for more.

Antenna is a revolutionary, one-tap engagement platform that solicits specific reader opinions, builds loyalty, and increases revenue on the web.

Adding Antenna to your site will increase return visits up to 20%.

Readers return to you when they feel heard.

Antenna Opinions

Mobile-first community feedback on your content helps readers connect to you and the rest of your readers. Sort of like comments, but without the mess.

Get more feedback

Antenna’s in-line tool delivers 50x more engagement on mobile than traditional comments. Just one tap on a phone, touchpad or a mouse, and readers can share expressive feedback on the specific content that gets their attention.

Grow and retain a loyal audience

Easy, expressive opinions empower your readers and build brand loyalty. Antenna lifts return visits an average of 10%, delivering more value from your best users.

Increase revenue

Increased engagement with your content delivers a significant lift in page views and ad impressions from a devoted community.

Antenna Content Embeds

Popular content, based on reader feedback and engagement through Antenna, outperforms existing content recommendation solutions. 
Antenna Content Embeds connect with current readers and attract new audiences.

Antenna Social Ads

Elevate your ads and social posts with Animated Content Stories: Antenna generates videos showing customer feedback that you can post to social channels.

Engage. Convert. Amplify.

How It Works

Antenna is the easiest way to lift sales.

On Brand

Antenna easily fits your brand language and aesthetic.

Safe, abuse-free

Whether readers use responses you set, or  add their own, only responses you approve will appear on your site.

Staff & Community Support

You won't need much help, but we're here anyway!

No technical setup

Configure and manage Antenna through our simple user interface.

Installs in no time

Just add a line of code. Configuration is handled through our dashboard.


Your readers live on all devices, and Antenna is designed for that.
Readers who use Antenna return way, way more often.
more likely to visit your site again.
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Antenna is changing the way people interact with content and products in a mobile-first web.