Mobile-first shopper opinions that increase sales.

Antenna is a one-tap engagement platform that collects consumer feedback, increases purchases, and brings back your most valuable shoppers.

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Better than star ratings.

Turn up the volume on engagement, and lift conversion up to 40%

Antenna Opinions

Antenna Opinions is a mobile-first engagement platform that collects on-brand product feedback to increase conversion and sales.

Nobody says, "I love this, it's 5 stars!" They describe a benefit. Antenna captures benefits.

Engage Customers

One-tap feedback makes it easy for users to provide meaningful input that informs prospects. Shoppers are 2.4x more likely to make a purchase after reading user opinions given through Antenna.   

Increase Conversion

Consumer opinions increase trust and confidence in purchase decisions and turn visitors into shoppers. Antenna feedback goes beyond generic star ratings and provides meaningful, "real people" input shoppers can use to make informed buying decisions.

Gain authentic product and brand insights

Inform strategy with higher volumes of quality shopper feedback. Learn what consumers think of your products during the pre-purchase, aspirational shopping phase – and post-purchase.

Try It Out

Shoppers who use Antenna add to cart way, way more often.
more likely to add to cart.

Antenna Social Ads

Elevate your ads and social posts with Animated Product Stories: Antenna generates videos showing customer feedback that you can post to social channels.

Antenna Retargeting

Shoppers who engage Antenna are 2.5x more likely to purchase.
In Spring 2017, Antenna will make it simple to retarget these highly qualified visitors, so that you see a better ROI on your ad spend.

How It Works

Antenna is the easiest way to lift sales.

On Brand

Antenna easily fits your brand language and aesthetic.

Safe, abuse-free

Whether shoppers use responses you set, or  add their own, only responses you approve will appear on your site.

Staff & Community Support

You won't need much help, but we're here anyway!

No technical setup

Configure and manage Antenna through our simple user interface.

Get live in 5 minutes

Our Shopify app installs in no time.  Other platforms are quick, too.


Your shoppers live on all devices, and so does Antenna.

Engage. Convert. Amplify.

Get our Shopify app!
Don’t use Shopify?  You can still use Antenna.  Get Started.

Partnering with innovative brands across the globe

“Antenna allows us to uniquely connect our product with our audience beyond a star rating or clunky review. Our community is expressive, passionate and fun, so Antenna adds a compelling layer to their shopping experience with us.”
- Lynn Le, Society Nine
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Antenna is changing the way people interact with content and products in a mobile-first web.