Lift in conversion


Lower CPC on Facebook Campaigns

Up to 200%

More orders vs. other ads

all-new, Mobile-first shopper feedback

Simple, useful, & moderation-free.

Antenna's new approach to customer engagement makes it as simple as a tap or a click for people to say why they're interested in your products and brand, or what they thought after purchasing.

Nobody says, "I love this, it's 5 stars!" They WHY they love something. Antenna captures the WHY.

Even thousands of consumer opinions can be read in seconds, helping shoppers easily decide what to buy.

Leverage that feedback with Antenna's powerful advertising and recirculation tools

Animated assets

Access "Animated Product Stories" -- dynamic videos powered by Antenna feedback

Antenna generates beautiful videos based on our unique consumer feedback.  These auto-play, text-driven videos work wonders on Facebook.

With Antenna, consumer opinion can be about a product or brand, making it effortless to produce animated content for all of your products.

Selling 50 products? Generate 50 videos with the press of a button.

Revolutionary Retargeting

Target shoppers most likely to purchase.

Retargeting Antenna-engaged shoppers lowered Facebook CPC by 25% compared to another major vendor's remarketing segment.

Product feeds, filtered by consumer feedback

Let your shoppers curate, organically.

Embed feeds on your site, such as "Products tagged Perfect for Campingbased on consumer responses on your product pages.


Shoppers who engage Antenna will add to cart 2.4x more than other shoppers.

All platforms

Antenna installs in minutes on any ecommerce platform. We also offer a private Shopify app.

All devices

Antenna is mobile-first but perfectly desktop friendly, too. Engage users everywhere.
"Compared to our other Facebook campaigns, Antenna’s Dynamic Videos drove more purchases by a factor of 2x."
"Antenna allows us to uniquely connect our product with our audience beyond a star rating or clunky review."
Society Nine
"After 2 weeks of apples-to-apples ad comparison, the ads with your videos are sending nearly 3x as many people to our website as a regular ad!"
Lever Gear


Antenna displays questions or asks for feedback on text/images, on web pages chosen by you. You have the power to configure pre-populated answers, and your audience can suggest their own responses. You can configure which matching site tags, specific URLs, or URL parameters should display your Antenna feedback widget — or you can implement it across your entire website. Set it once and forget it, and start engaging with your audience in real-time.

If you plan to solicit the same feedback item across multiple web pages, you have control over whether to limit the results to each individual feedback instance, or to share the response data across all instances of that particular question.

Antenna lets you ask questions that are important to your business. Ask about products, brand affinity, competition, customer satisfaction, demographics, etc. (Highlight text above to provide custom feedback)

monthly pricing

If your business is still growing, we've got options for you. Our Lite plan is free to try for sites with fewer than 100,000 monthly visitors and comes at a reduced monthly rate. Create an account to get started.

Structured feedback on everything.