Antenna changes how people interact with products & content on the web.

Designed for a mobile-first world, Antenna enables effortless feedback on any text, video, image, or product. Antenna gets your audience's attention, influencing purchase behavior and building loyalty.


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Antenna displays questions or asks for feedback on text/images, on web pages chosen by you. You have the power to configure pre-populated answers, and your audience can suggest their own responses. You can configure which matching site tags, specific URLs, or URL parameters should display your Antenna feedback widget — or you can implement it across your entire website. Set it once and forget it, and start engaging with your audience in real-time.

If you plan to solicit the same feedback item across multiple web pages, you have control over whether to limit the results to each individual feedback instance, or to share the response data across all instances of that particular question.

Antenna lets you ask questions that are important to your business. Ask about products, brand affinity, competition, customer satisfaction, demographics, etc. (Highlight text above to provide custom feedback)


Your customers are shopping on mobile, but your current feedback tools are made for desktop. Antenna fixes all of that, and drives higher conversions.

Digital media communities of all sizes

Frictionless content feedback that builds community, lifts KPIs, and powers next-gen recommendation.
“Antenna shows exactly what people are thinking without the hurdles and noise of traditional reviews or commenting sections. That’s huge.”
Alexis Ohanian
Reddit cofounder & Antenna adviser

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